Bucks for Biking: Keeping Cars off the Road in Fort Collins

Keeping Cars Off-road With the Bucks for Biking Program

For years, we’ve been known as Fort Collins’s go-to spot for tasty, nutritious food. But did you also know that in addition to keeping the city healthy, we’re also committed to making it greener?

We believe that it’s important to do our part in fighting the battle against climate change, which is why we unrolled our Bucks for Biking program in 2018. We pay Rainbow staff members every time they bike – or walk, take the bus, carpool, skateboard, etc. – to work. Our goal for this initiative is three-pronged. For one, it lowers the city’s carbon footprint. Most of our employees live within a few miles of the restaurant, but we estimate that Bucks for Biking can eliminate around 1500 miles from Fort Collins roads per year for each person who utilizes the program. This just goes to show that making small daily changes can create a lasting impact and that living a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or inconvenient. 

Secondly, we love that the program provides our team with a healthy incentive not to drive and rewards them for their sustainability efforts. Positive reinforcement is an incredibly effective way to initiate change. The proof lies in the fact that about one-third of our staff participates in Bucks for Biking each month. And lastly, the initiative benefits our customers. We encourage everyone to take public transportation, carpool, or use a C02-free form of transportation like walking or biking. However, we also understand that’s not possible for all. Driving is the only option for some people, like those with physical handicaps or seniors. Bucks for Biking leaves more room in our parking lot for our customers who need the space.

We’re proud that sustainability is central to our restaurant’s mission. Many people are under the misconception that going green requires drastic changes or is complicated. We hope that by sharing this story, people realize that caring for the environment can be as simple as biking to work, carrying a reusable water bottle, or bringing a tote bag to the grocery store. Remember, every little contribution to taking care of the planet adds up to create an impact larger than just yourself. Hopefully, more businesses in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the world follow in suit to make their communities greener.

At Rainbow Restaurant, we make it a priority to better our environment. The next time you are out on your bike stop in and say hi. Our patio will be opening soon and our Garden Harvest omelette is calling your name. See you soon…


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